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Driver's Education Events

fdrmotorsports was founded in 2002 by Frederick D. Rauch, an avid Porsche owner since 1971. During the past twelve years I have been active in the Sacramento Valley Region PCA and have served in many club capacities such as Competition and Safety Director, Drivers Education Chair and President. In the past 12 years I have participated in over 200 Drivers Educations Events. For the past ten years I have been a Porsche Club of America Drivers Education Approved Instructor and have been active in the management of Driver Education events throughout the State of California. fdrmotorsports is now entering into its tenth year offering Track Events for fellow car/motorcycle enthusiasts.

fdrmotorsports announces another High Speed Track Event at California's Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on Saturday June 17th, 2017. This is a 92db day. There will be four run groups, two cars and two bike run groups. Cars run groups will be A-Advanced Drivers and M-Mixed. Bike Registration is at: 

TrackMasters-Racing our event partner is hosting a 90db day on Sunday June 18th, 2017. There will be three Car run groups. and one Bike run group. Car run groups will be A-Advanced Drivers, M-Mixed  Drivers (Advanced/High Intermediate Drivers) , B-Low Intermediate Drivers. Bike Registration is at: 

Would you like to host a Dedicated Car or Bike Run Group Contact Frederick at or call 916-595-3371 for additional information.

fdrmotorsports Saturday June 17th DE is a 92 db day

Advanced - Mixed - Low Intermediate/Novice with limited in car instruction, classroom instruction and downloads will be provided in addition to the mandatory morning Drivers Meeting.

Advanced – Passing is allowed anywhere on track with the exception of passing in corners.  Courtesy point-by hand signals are encouraged, there is no racing allowed, and aggressive or unsafe driving is not tolerated. Cars and drivers in this group must be appropriate for advanced driving. 

Mixed - Mixed is a combination of Advanced and Intermediate Drivers (Intermediate Drivers may choose to have a large color dot on the rear of their vehicle requiring a point-by hand signal before they can be passed), otherwise the Advanced passing rules apply..

Registration for the fdrmotorsports Saturday event along with the TrackMasters Sunday event is open at:>

The Car Entry fee is $245.00 for the day or $450.00 for Saturday and Sunday.

Bike Registration is at:

      Camping: Laguna Seca Recreation Area Camping Sites with Water, Electric and Dump Station available 831-755-4899

Please email Frederick at or call 916-595-3371 for any additional information.



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